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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 17, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> we will back with more in an hour. "outnumbered" begins now. this is "outnumbered." i am andrea tantaros, here today is harris faulkner, sandra smith, democratic strategist and fox news contributor julie is back. and senior editor of the national review, jonah goldberg is live. >> you were the funniest person
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on twitter last night during the deba debate. >> i was out of my eds. pot in the 1980s and 1970s is very different than today. >> what a night. fireworks at the republican debate with you know who targeted. there may have been 11 candidates on that stage, but for the most part, it seemed to be gop frontrunner versus the entire field taking hits from all sides at the reagan national library as his rivals try to take him down a notch and trump dished it right back and fired the first shot. >> first of all, rand paul shouldn't be on this stage. he is number 11. 1% in the polls and how he got up here -- there is far too many. >> i think there is an entertaining quality about trump but i am concerned. >> i never attacked him on his
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looks and there is plenty of subject matter there. >> we don't need an aprintice in the white house. >> you had hillary clinton going to your wedding because you gave her money. >> that is true. >> it will not work for anybody on this stage. >> i was a business man. i got along with clinton and everybody. that is my job, to get along with people. >> the isimple fact is -- >> you ran up mountains of debt, and were forced to file for bankruptcy, not once, twice, but a record four times. why should we trust you to run this nation any differently than you managed the finances of your company? >> the fact is that we don't want to hear about your careers. back and forth and back and forth about who did well and who did poorly.
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you are both successful people. congratulations. >> lots of fireworks. did the candy spill out after all of the beating? >> i don't think anybody who went in as a big fan of donald trump went out not being a fan of him. that clip didn't do justice with the attack on rand paul. it went to a 11. he should have had a tin foil hat on sitting on a bus. instead of replying to carly fiorina, he said let me point out rand paul doesn't belong here. very weird. got the whole thing off to a surreal start. >> he knew rand was going to come after him because rand said to the press he would attack him for not being conservative enough. so donald trump figured i will deal the first blow. >> how much the moderators
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focused on donald trump probably even through donald trump off. it was to the point of awkwardness at times. as though there was not a place to go next. as a journalist, i could think of many more questions, as we often do, we watch tv and think what we would ask, but anything to get the conversation going forward at one point. when the governor stood up, the people who are not succeeding in the country are the ones -- and he went down the litany and tipped the hat to the middle class. i thought that is what an issue sounds like. we saw something go off the rails and off the track. i don't know if that even served donald trump as much. i think he would have liked to talk about the issues. >> all of the candidates on the stage their most important test to this point has been donald trump. a lot of them seem not to be able to handle trump. that is the best test. how do you think they did
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beating up on the frontrunner? >> i walked away a little unfulfilled. i was disappointed from an economy aspect, how little was mentioned about the economy. the mess we are still in. the abyssmal recovery we have seen. how about someone acknowledge the job participation rate in the country is at a record low, turn to the camera, and say this is what we are looking at and this is how i am going to fix it. chris christie or carly fiorina could have stolen the show if they did that. >> it seemed they were pitting the candidates against each other almost like a reality television program instead of asking questions of substance. the hard hitting questions were at the fox news debate. where were the other two moderators?
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we elevate women and let them ask questions. >> we were talking about this earlier. hewitt was just sitting there. he is a good interview and lost in the sauce. i don't know where he was. i think donald trump was pressed by jay trapper on some subjects. on vladimer putin especially. trump doesn't want to talk about s substance. he said he is going to like me. i am going to make him like me. why are you going to get along? substance of candidates do substance prep, you saw that with the other candidates we will talk about later. trump was there because it is like a reality show. cnn wanted the ratings for that purpose and donald trump played into their hands. so that is exactly what trump wanted to do. >> trump admitted he will only own up to the issues once he is elected. he said once i am in i will be
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great and huge and fantastic but until then -- >> and the best part about trump is when he starts lecturing carson on medicine. he is telling carson he is wrong in vaccine. he is a brillant surgeon. >> i don't think think it hurt him. his supporters are not going anywhere. i think if anything carly fiorina is going to get a little boost. i think trump holds his support. >> he said the question of where else would they go. was anybody on either stage, the early or the prime debate, that would take votes away from trump? where would they go? >> a lot of people said carly fiorina won the debate. she had a lot to gain. another candidate who stood out on the stage was carly fiorina making her debut and many analyst declaring her the winner
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as i mentioned thanks to her detailed policy answers and the number of zingers. >> we need the strongest military on the face of the planet and everyone has to know it. specifically what that means is we need about 50 army brugades, 36 marine battalions, and 300-350 naval ships, upgrade every leg of the nuclear triad. anyone who has watched this video tape, i dare, hillary clinton, barack obama, to watch these tapes, watch a fully formed fetus on the table. its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. >> i very much hope i am the only person on this stage that can say shis but i know millions of americans out there say the same thing.
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my husband and i buried a child to drug addiction. we must invest more in the treatment of drug. i would not change the 10 or 20 dollar bill. i don't think it helps to change our history. what i would think is we ought to recognize that women are not a special interest group. >> and maybe her biggest moment came when asked about comments donald trump made recently suggesting her appearance made her not electable. >> mr. trump said he heard mr. bush very cleary in what mr. bush said. i think women all over the country heard what mr. trump said. >> that was really a defining moment of the debate. >> that was when my jaw dropped. i love this woman. i don't agree with her but she is amazing. trump tries to respond by
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basically telling her she is hot underscoring exactly what every woman did there when she did the eyeroll afterwards. >> what it is about -- you don't agree with her on much but love her. you can hear that sentiment echoed. what is it? that she thinks so specific? >> see doesn't play the victim. she is smart. tough. act we hear she should have smiled more. i am reading that from male commentators. i get that a lot. you should smile more on tv. you look angry. so i am going to talk about isis and beheading children and smiling? there is such a contrast between her and hillary clinton. there is no way that woman would bungle a server, or jeopardize our national security or stand
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up and say i don't know what classified information is. she is the opposite of hillary clinton and made me proud to be a republican and to be a woman. >> and that you can hear from a lot of women the morning after. jonah, what looked at the debate did you feel like she held her own against all of the men on the stage or -- one time she tried to interrupt governor christie and he held her off. how did that go? >> probably not great for christie. i should offer a full disclosure. my wife worked on carly fiorina's last book with her. she is a big fan. i think one reason fiorina does well is she takes it seriously, does her homework and she is ready to play ball at the major league level. i think that is a very refreshing thing. i also think, you know, it is her ability to -- she did something similar to newt
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gingrich in 2012. he suddenly suggested to audiences wouldn't it be awesome to see me debate barack obama? look what i can do to these guys. imagine me against barack obama. she took trumps attack on her and turned it into an attack on hillary with the ad she put out and that was brilliant. i think she might be auditioning for vice president and i think she is a great candidate. >> she gave homework to her opponents as well. i loved it. she said barack obama, hillary clinton, here is your homework, watch this planned parenthood video. i am a fan of that. she has already played out that argument and is ready for the fight. andrea and i were tweeting back and forth and you gave her an a. i saw the other people and now we know why. but i was watching to see what
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others had to say about what was resonating with them. they like the fact she was so serious. it seems like there was a lot of drama on the stage. she cut through that. did the very thing sandra said needed to be gone but so many things should have been part of the discussion that were not there. to me she had the ability to say as i do with my children, okay, kids, here is the good part you have to know. she really did that in such an even keeled way. she and dr. carson have a way of doing that. part of that is her style but her preparedness as well. >> part of the problem, as andrea pointed out, not the problem, some people are saying she didn't smile enough. did she have enough light hearted moments? >> it was substance. the eye roll with trump was spectacular.
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complimenting you her looks. we have all been at the bar with the frat guys doing that. and she got a dig in with trump saying everyone knows the head of the kurd's force and trump has no idea. called him an entertainer. you are so right, though. when people constantly tell women -- she did an interview today talking about no nobody talks about men's looks but they are hers. i tweeted a picture of trump's face side by side with grumpy cat. trump was making lots of faces speaking of faces last night. so they talk about his hair and face. if she is supposed to be inauthentic and -- >> do you think jeb had enough energy? we will talk about jeb bush later on in the show. and a stunning admission about the united states effort to defeat isis after spending half
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a billion we are told there are just four or five u.s. trained rebel fighters on the ground in syria right now. plus, hillary clinton joking around with jimmy fallon about her e-mail? making light of the controversy that is the focus of an fbi investigation. is this a good move or not? and after the show catch more on the couch from the web, join us for more "outnumbered" overtime. harris is clicking on it now. tweet us questions, comments and tell us what topic you want to hear more about. ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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[phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. fox news alert. something happening with the paris train heroes. remember the three young americans who stopped the terrorist attack aboard a high-speed train? they are meeting with president obama today. they were met with the president of france and were awarded and honored but they are meeting with our president and as soon as it begins we will go to that. let's watch. >> high school friends getting together, two of whom had served in uniform on behalf of the united states armed forces
9:20 am
thinking they were going to have a fun reunion in paris and ended up engaging in a potential catastrophic situation and pinning down someone who clearly was intent on doing a lot of harm to a lot of people and inflicting terror on the french people because of their courage, because of their quick-thinking, because of their teamwork, it is fair to see a lot of people were saved. and a real calamity was averted. and the french people have already bestowed on them the highest honor they can, the legion of honor, at a ceremony
9:21 am
presided over by the president of france. i had the opportunity to talk to him and he told me that he could not have been more grateful for what these three outstanding young americans did. i just want to make sure having talked to them on the phone after the event i had a chance to shake their hands in person and tell them what i think they have heard from a lot of people which is they represent the best of america, american character, and you know, it is these kinds of young people who make me extroidinarily optimistic about the future. i want to thank each and everyone of them and wish them well. i am glad to see spencer, apparently his hand is in pretty good shape, and making real progress, and he intends to
9:22 am
continue to pursue his work in medicine and caring for people. anthony is interested in sports medicine and therapy. and alexander as soon as he is finished on dancing with the stars plans to get into law enforcement. whatever they do, they are going to do it well. and we just want to say thank you to them for not only saving so many lives but also for making america look so good. all right. thank you. come on, we'll get one good picture.
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>> i am listen to the wows i am hearing on set and i think that is what all of america is saying now. you can see the president outnumbered by the heroes flanked by his side that are representing us so well around the world and what they did for the act of heroism. we will move on now. a stunning admission from the military about the war on the islamic group long beach leaving people in disbelief. cent com saying the billion program has put six soldiers on the ground. the goal was to train 3-5,000 the first year. here is how the question to loyd austin was answered.
9:24 am
>> given the failure to influence the syrian war, are we assessing if we should take a different response to assad? >> press secretary josh ernest said this when pressed on the issue: >> we have acknowledged for some time the significant challenges we have encountered in training, and equipping and sending to the battlefield, moderate elements of the syrian opposition. and the administration knew on the front end this would be a difficult task, it has proven to be more difficult than we thought. >> the u.s. spent $500 million in the effort to train syrian rebels. in fact, when you go to webster and look for the word total failure this might be an example when you spend that much to train four or five people.
9:25 am
>> if it brought us super soldier terminator types that might be okay. this is a complete and total failure. the white house said this was going to be easy, they knew how to do it and were going to copy successful patterns they did in yemen and it turns out yemen is a disaster and this is a bigger one. >> julie, how do you account the white house looking at isis and under estimating what we are capable of doing: >> we are training these fighters to fight whom? to me right now, as we sit in 2015 there are two sides in the debate. the assad side. and there is isis. the russians are supporting assad. and we are essentially fighting isis. so by fighting isis in syria
9:26 am
whom are we propping up? we are spending this money because we don't know what the mission is. what is the end game? the successful end game is the restoration of assad's regime? >> i would say this with regard to what you are asking. the free syrian army was something we had the possibility or the potential to get behind early on. this $500 million had isis as the enemy they would be fighting. but you are right. on the battlefield they might be tasked with doing both. >> julie is a hundred percent correct. when are we going to learn to stop met medling? assad is a thug, a dictator and a bad guy. but he is not a direct threat to the united states of america. if he goes, if he goes, isis fills that vacuum and exactly
9:27 am
what happened in libya. our weapons ended up killing our own soldiers. this is why people dislike the united states of america. we have power but don't know how to use it. this is what happens. $500 million down the tube and criticizing russia for ousting a man who is not our direct enemy. >> trying to find out how the money was spent? good luck. good luck trying to track that down. by the way, is this about the execution of the strategy or the strategy being flawed? general austin is saying we have the right strategy in place. we are focused on implementing it as effectively as possible. >> the strategy is flawed. >> this is shocking on both sides by the way. >> interesting to hear assad say
9:28 am
you have deal with isis before going forward. i am paraphrasing him. >> trump and rand paul have the bes points on this. let them fight it out. why not let the russians defeat isis? back to the debate now. >> who had the mose to lose in the gop debate? the man with a huge name and campaign pot of cash some might say it was jeb bush. he had a drop in the polls recently. how did jeb do? what do you think? and what about everybody else? who might get a boost or sink in the polls? why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain.
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welcome back to "outnumbered." going into the the second republican debate, former florida governor jeb bush was under a lot of pressure to give
9:33 am
a breakout performance saying opinions are the nominee. some say he was unsure on how to handle trump. >> you are proud of your family. to subject my wife into the the mid official a raucous political conversation was inappropriate and i hope you apologize. >> i hear your wife and a lovely women. >> she is. she is the love of my life and why don't you apologize -- >> i said nothing wrong. >> if you are looking at republican advisors. many of the people here seeking advice from the foreign policy exburped perts on the republican side.
9:34 am
that made him look weak. >> the rambling about the bush advisors and how many people. i wondered if he was hitting the mary jane. >> i don't think he had a great night. the first exchange was awkward, thanksgiving dinner feel. he is banking on the strategy
9:35 am
that is not working. he should have been prepared for all of this now. >> he ought to send donald trump a thank you note. sparring with donald trump obviously gets people to talk about you. >> he actually said the words jeb bush needed someone to say. it was a good foil for him in a way. >> it was a good test but i am not sure she passed. he had a moment about this brother but we have been waiting for a jeb moment. he has lots of money, wall street support, but where else is the support? i don't see any rabid fans no
9:36 am
body comes after me. if i criticize anyone they hammer me. >> he has a track record. he has a track record in a state where he can grow the economy, has a specific plan on how to grow the broader u.s. economy and work us into the world and show us growth and put us back to work. he has been specific. wasn't that the opportunity to turn away from donald trump and say now is not the time to talk about my family. where is the strategy? >> the best part of the problem is the whole debate, we know that donald trump has an ego that is so big but the debate was about trump centric. >> what about the other candidates? >> carson. people were saying marco rubio had a great night.
9:37 am
>> carson comes across as incredibly likable felt like he took a xanax before going on stage. i am not sure if he helped himself. i thought chris christie had a good night. kasich had a fairly good night. >> i will get a milk carton with scott walker on it. >> that line was so rehearsed. >> it was his best moment also. >> as the moderator, and maybe i am outnumbered on this, you want to hear from everybody. that is your job. when someone goes missing for 40 minutes you would say we have not heard from such and such. taber said someone had to be the 11th guy meaning governor huckabee. >> i still find it hard to sympathize. trump, when i would listen to
9:38 am
other candidates, i am like bring trump back because i think trump points out how dull some of the other ones were. jonah you said walker looked like he was missing, when he did speak it was boring. none of them were memorable. >> trump went after walker and pointed out the fact trump is trying to nail him on running a deficit in this state and you cannot run a deficit in the state of wisconsin. >> fact checking trump is a full-time job. trump understands how important it is to entertain the audience. rubio understood authenticity and so did christie. >> rand paul? >> he is the biggest surprise on how much he has been lost. people thought he would be the center but it hasn't happened.
9:39 am
>> trump is the biggest hurdle they have to overcome. hillary clinton's e-mail scandal now. joked about it, dismissed it, took responsibility, apologized, but last night went back to the joke part. are these tv appearances helping her image? and after the show we will give your knack nic names if we were running for president. we have some good ones. log on to and click on the overtime debate. what do you want to hear more about? we will answer. real cheese people
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9:44 am
when fallon got serious and brought up the scandal here is what the former secretary of state said. >> most people have gotten board after reading 10-12 because they are boring. they are kind of what are we doing? how do we do it? the most significant one that has come to light, because this was, you know, a really important issue. >> yeah. >> i had to talk about it on the e-mail and that is i was asked if i could get a book into australia in order for it to be used in time for passover. >> if the server wasn't wiped and we saw benghazi stuff i don't think it would be boring. >> there is stuff about lying with sidney blumenthal information, not having
9:45 am
classified information on there. it is smart to see nothing to see here, it is boring, but it is not factually true. >> not about the lies but the relationship as well. >> why can't we see them if they are so silly? i think this goes to carly fiorina. people want carly to smile more and be more light hearted. look what happens when hillary clinton tries to do it? it doesn't look authentic. >> i did notice that.
9:46 am
>> she is on a campaign and not supposed to come out and say i did it. i did it. >> she is on a comedy show and there is a reason because -- >> you know when she is at her best, when i watched her give her speech on iran i thought she was so good because she is forceful and stern and the word you don't want to call a woman but in a good way. that is real hillary clinton. she is a ball buster. >> ball buster, yes! >> that is who she is. and you know what? she is very good when she is who she is. >> if you know her privately, and i did have a chance to work with her, she is a funny persond no one believes me.
9:47 am
but if she were able to shed the paranoid wall that everybody is out to get me and the people out there saw the hillary clinton that some people who are close to her get to see, the funny woman -- >> it is hard to have that idea of her when she is jeopardizing national security. >> she is trying to make herself likable and the way i am saying she could do that is by doing that. >> all right. >> jonah said what she said. he is an enterprising kid who could not wait to show him the clock he made but it led to him getting handcuffed and arrested. even the president obama is weighing in. why the police and school insist the little clock maker did nothing wrong. ♪
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harris faulkner, we are having too much none. "outnumbered" in just a moment but first to jon scott on what is coming up in hour two of "happening now." >> we are thinking of nicknames for you. we will give them out later. >> republicans are facing a block to their effort as the senate votes against a proposalproposal to oppose the iran deal. what this could mean for the
9:52 am
deal and what is next. and a million people forced out of their home after ten people are killed in an 8.3 magnitude earthquake off the north coast of chile. we will talk with lucy jones about this. and why an hour away from finding out whether the federal reserve will raise the interest rates. full coverage coming up president scott's secret service name would be fly boy. like it? because you a pilot. >> love it. a story out of texas. stirring national outrage is debate. a 14-year-old muslim boy handcuffed and taken out of class because of an alarm clock he made that school officials say looked like a bomb. mohammed explains. >> i said that was me who made
9:53 am
the noise. it was an alarm clock. she said it looks like a bomb and i will take it from you. and i said why are you taking it? and she said i don't want you going around with it. >> the boy will not face charges. school officials are standing by their decision to suspend him and police are defending their actions saying you have to be careful saying what you have to bring to school. the boy is a social media sensation and president obama tweeted cool clock, want to bring it to the white house? we should inspire more kids like you to like science. it is what makes america great. andrea? >> this story is really -- i mean it has everyone scratching their heads. this clock -- does anything think it did not look like a dangerous weapon from a die hard movie? what the president did by
9:54 am
elevating this story to national attention is got rid of if you see something, say something. the teacher did her job. we have an fbi document out there talking about what to look for. this is part of it. we have seen terror attacks before with cell phones and inate objects. he is a smart kid, goiprobably going to go to mit and make tons of money but he did a dumb thing. >> that is one aspect of the story. we will get to that with the president's reaction. but was this an over reaction on the part of the school? >> i think the school has an obligation to protect the kids. they should have taken this, sent it to the police and seen if it was a bomb before doing something to this poor kid. this little kid is nerdy who is showing off and getting arrested and handcuffed. he looks like he is ten.
9:55 am
i know he is older but there has to be common sense before throwing a kid to the ground you have to make sure they did something wrong. if this kid brought a real bomb, the school did the right thing by referring it to the police. before he got arrested, they should have made sure the bomb -- >> someone can bring that device to grand central station and say it was a clock. i think the arrest was over the top. but saying he didn't do a dumb thing is crazy. >> i am not saying we should not be vigilant but make sure she did something wrong. >> i don't understand why he is still suspended? what drives me crazy is if this kid had a confederate flag shirt and brought in the clock it would be interesting to see how the culture flips. >> how do you think they would? >> we would be hearing school officials have to do what they had to do the day of the mass
9:56 am
shooting and the south carolina think. what drives me crazy is no one freaks out about the kids suspended for making a gun out of pop-tart or drawing something silly on a piece of paper and everybody rushes to this kid because of the political correctness. >> i am sure the conversation will continue on outnumbered over time. we will be right back. we will be right back. a has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. i was out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights.
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moments away. jonah, thank you for being here. great post debate chat with you. and click on the overtime tab. we are ready to go and pull you into the conversation. tomorrow noon eastern is when we will see you again. "happening now" now.


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